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LOOBO | spot on sale, the strength of the order, more than 20 sets of Welding Fume extractors to Jiangsu
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Today more than 20 sets of welding fume extractors assembly debugging is completed, rushed in the setting sunshine sent to Jiangsu. This welding fume extractors is the company's star product, the strength of the representative, you will find that the customer two years a repurchase cartridge consumables but will not repurchase the equipment, the reason for this is too durable for more than ten years are not bad. Then we can only hope that the customer to expand the scale of production to increase the welding station, and then additional repurchase it. Let's see how this equipment has become a star product:

1, with a special turbine and brand motor, the use of anti-overload circuit to prevent motor burnout, high security, stable work performance.

2、Pulse blowback automatic ash cleaning: the filter element adopts all-round automatic rotary blowback ash cleaning, so that the surface of the filter element is more thorough and clean, and can always ensure that the dust collector has a constant suction volume; the air compressor part of the high-pressure hose connection, the bottom of the high-pressure air intake, which can guarantee that the purifier is always in a good working condition. (Automatic or manual control can be designed according to users' requirements)

3、The filter cartridge is made of PTFE polyester coated filter paper, which has a long service life and can absorb dust particles below 0.3μm.

4、Using the universal suction arm which can be moved freely in 360 degrees, it can absorb and remove the smoke from the place where the smoke occurs, which greatly improves the collection rate of the smoke and dust, and ensures the health of the operating personnel.

5, the purifier internal for fire hazards and large particles of slag using three protective measures, so that the purifier's service life is longer, safer and more reliable.

6、Clean air is uniformly guided and dispersed from the direction of the grille-like exhaust port, thus reducing the noise to within the standard range.

7、With special new Korean universal casters with brakes, it is convenient to move and position the equipment at will.

8、The consumables in the purifier have stable performance and are easy to replace.