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The air quality of the factory has been improved since the introduction of this grinding dust collector.
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Recently, the grinding dust table purchased by the customer has been officially opened, and the efficiency of the grinding staff has been effectively improved. The visibility of the originally smoky workshop is less than one meter, but as long as the grinding dust table is turned on, the ants on the workshop floor can be seen clearly. The factory, which was originally closed, is now visited by customers every day, and orders have increased. The grinding dust table collects dust from the source, and the table can be designed with side and top suction, plus search lights and toolbars, which can be customized according to the requirements to provide a more convenient working environment for the staff and to protect their health and keep away from pneumoconiosis while providing work efficiency.

The grinding dust removal table adopts the filter cartridge filtration method, and the deflector plate is set at the air inlet of the integrated table top to block the dust from directly impacting the cartridge, which prolongs the service life of the cartridge. The custom-made cartridge of Luber adopts smooth and hydrophobic PTFE film and elastic filter material, and the high temperature resistant cartridge can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Unique bench top design, built-in dust removal system, fan insulation, no need for duct connection, clean air can be circulated and discharged in the room, reducing energy expenses.

This workbench can effectively capture fine suspended dust without interfering with workers' movement and vision, and it is ideal for medium and small fine machining and irregular parts. It can be connected to a dedicated fume cleaner or to a centralized fume system.

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