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A local customer's order for a grinding and dust extraction table has been received
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Qingdao customer's grinding dust table has been arranged to arrive, the use of grinding dust table has become popular, whether grinding or polishing, grinding dust collector is a good dust removal equipment, the working environment without dust pollution efficiency have been effectively improved. Local customers come to the factory to inspect the site test after the selection of ordinary small workpiece grinding standard grinding dust table, according to the amount of dust to choose a small power double cartridge side suction plus bottom suction grinding dust table, our company can also be customized according to customer working conditions of different sizes of dust table, but also can do grinding dust room and the overall workshop grinding dust removal system. We have more than ten years of experience in dust removal and successful cases in various provinces, helping you to solve dust problems.a2d18fae24ca360d44c77f31ddf7c3a.jpg340017ad2f6a69e93b9ff783037fce8.jpg