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Loobo was invited by Korea to participate in Seoul City Hall for technical exchanges


In April 8th, the ICLEI 2015 World Conference kicked off in Seoul, L00Bo environmental protection was invited to Seoul City Hall, Korea to participate in technical exchanges.

The ICLEI conference is held every three years, the attendance include 203 member cities, partners, enterprises strategic cooperation, UN, NGO, non-members of government agencies, national institutions, the scale is the most ever.


2015 year is an important node of the global response to climate change, loobo is committed to solve all kinds of problem since the begining of foundation, in the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, with the basis of advanced technology and rich experience in actual combat, to solve the problem of air pollution for many enterprises , to achieve the sustainable development of industrial production and the environment.

In the forum, Dircter Tian of Loobo technology center and South Korean experts on environmental protection research and development conducted in-depth exchanges and discussion, and reached a cooperation agreement to deepen cooperation with the introduction of technology issues.


In recent years, Loobo have become increasingly frequently on the environmental protection in overseas, business communication, technical exchanges and other aspects of school enterprise cooperation activities . Loobo has set up the technology center, industrial waste gas treatment expert workstation,continuous increase investment in scientific research, has made significant achievements in research and technology. A large number of new products and new technology applied in the customer’s production, solve the environmental problems, has won wide spread praise customers.


Through the overseas technical exchange opportunities, Loobo once again to strengthen the cooperation with South Korea advanced environmental protection enterprises, which will bring new opportunities for the development of both sides, but also bring new opportunities for the environmental problems of the Chinese.