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LB-DC Grinding Dust Removal Workbenth


Applied to various of welding, polishing, grinding, plasma cutting conditions.
The products adopt advanced international filtration technology,
Efficiency: 99.9%, at the same time, can keep high airflow and safety.

Working principle:
Negative pressure generated by the fan, dust air enters the purifier through the

side outlet and the down outlet , firstly go into the guide channel and by collision,

large particles dust fall into the dust collecting drawer under the action of gravity,

the rest fine particles go into the filter chamber and filtered by the pleated cartridge

filter and deposit on the surface, left the purified air out.

Unique design of the desktop with built-in dust removal system, low fan noise,no pipeline connection is needed, the cleaned air is exhausted indoor,

reducing energy expenditure.

This table can effectively capture the suspended dust without interference of workers movement and vision, it is the ideal choice of small, fine processing, irregular parts.
It can be connected with a smoke purifier specially, also can be connected with central type dust system.

*High efficient centrifugal fan,stable operation, security,low noise.
*Grinding worktable with electric control box and controller, explosion-proof lamp is available;The electric control box is sealed by the sealing gasket,which prevent sparks spill.
*The filter cylinder is made of anti-static film polyester fiber material,

long life-span,stable performance, of higher adsorption properties.

*Automatic back pulse blowing cleaning way,can ensure that the equipment is always in good working condition.
*A guide plate is arranged at the inlet to prevent dust impact filter directly, so as to prolong the service life of the filter core.
*In order to prevent noise pollution, take the noise reduction of fan.
*set working table and the dust removal function in a body, removal of dust directly in producing dust source.
*compact structure, small occupation area, capable of simultaneous operation on two or more positions.
*According to the properties of user – dust governance selection filter media, to meet the different nature of dust removal.
*The work table bottom, positive and above have the air suction opening, can effectively control the dust flying.
The drawer type dust collecting box, guarantee the ashes is fast and convenient.

No Model Airflow(m3/h) Power(kw) Cartridge filter size(mm) Cartridge filter qty (pcs) Body size(mm)
1 LB-DC2400 2400 2.2 Φ325*1023 2 2000*900*1200
2 2400 2.2 Φ325*1223 2 2200*1100*1200
3 LB-DC3000 3000 3.0 Φ325*1023 2 2000*900*1200
4 3000 3.0 Φ325*1223 2 2200*1100*1200