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LB-JYC Flexible Suction Arm, External Support



Model: LB-JYC; Wall mounted, External support

Skeleton material: the spring steel is galvanized, and all other metal components and related fasteners are all stainless steel .
Outside pipe material: PVC with steel wire,erosion-resisting,anti-acid-base,
High temperature resistance to 140 degree.
Suction cover: 360 degree arbitrary hover with wind damper. Light weight but high strength,with power assisting device to help easy operation,and hover freely.It can be adjusted to any direction,and its with a high capture effect.
The flexible suction arm is widely used in metal processing,welding fume,workpiece polishing,thermal processing of oil mist treatment, peculiar smell removing,dust removing and other industries.
Compared with the fixed pipeline system, flexible suction arm has unparalleled performance superiority. It can adapt to all kinds of complex conditions where can not be installed with suction pipeline,and can be placed any best capture location. Thus, it can capture fumes effectively. Besides, its connected joints and rotary connected base fixed the suction cover in order that the dust, fume are expeled away from the worker’s breathing zone.
Length: 2m-5m(2m,3m,4m,5m)
Other size can be custom made.